Automatic translation of the full solution

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Automatic translation of the full solution

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Altavista had obviously improved their translation tool. It is now capable of translating my whole solution. Perhaps some english speaking users could be interested.

Furthermore the translation is not really perfect (there also may be some special words and typing errors by me that could not be translated).
Unfortunatly you can not use the navigation and internal links because the navigation is realized with java script. But it's better than nothing. :)

At this site you can enter the url:

Then select translation "german to english"

These are the direct urls to the section of the solution. Copy them into the field of the translation site.



Maps (not really much to translate)

Special places

General tips

Be careful, some translations are very strange. For example the german word "Geschick" has two very different meanings: dexterity and fate. Unfortunately the translation engine selects fate :wink: