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Sun 04 Sep 2011

Today, I have a short update only, a longer one will hopefully follow in the next few days. I moved our homepage to a new webserver this weekend. I hope, that everythings works fine and that nothing got lost. If you encounter any problems, please let me know.
I also removed the Russian page as it was completely outdated and I do not have any chance to translate the page myself. Sorry for that, but we did not have a Russian translator for several years now...


Wed 2 Feb 2011

A lot of time has passed since last time, but today, it is happening again: A new adventure in Gatyah is playable - our Techdemo is finally online. You will play Rimmon and pass some quests during a cruise. Even as the demo is German only, you will be able to take a look at our current technical level. The demo also includes the current version of our level editor. You shouldn't expect to much from the editor as we passed the last weeks to polish the game only.
As far as possible, the download (hostet at Dropbox) uses the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, deviations are listed in the readme (this concerns the music, some sound effects, the libraries and Diced). The demo is Windows only, we do not yet know if we will release a Linux version (we have some technical issues). Enjoy the game, we would love to get your feedback!
If the player character is too slow on your machine, it seems like the your framerate is too high. We are looking for the reason, for now, you can simply turn on vsync to fix it.
And since we are talking about games, there is another news from me: Last weekend, the Global Game Jam took place, which means that games were created within 48 hours. My team created AlienSlime (don't worry about the language - you will be able to play it without knowing German). Again: Enjoy playing!


Sat 17 Jul 2010

No, you are not wrong, you can really see an update! A while ago, I got some beautiful screen shots from Harri, which I finally put online.
Moreover, I have integrated a small blog system into our homepage. The basic idea is that we can post entries which are not a full news, but which might be interesting to read. This might be ideas we are currently working on (which are still under testing), a new cool feature we integrated... at least, I hope that we will have some more updates of our homepage.
Even as the participation at my last survey about modability was rather small, the team itself likes the idea, since it simplifies working with several data sets. Therefore, everything looks like Diccuric will support mods.
So far for now, I have to write a first blog entry :)


Wed 25 Nov 2009

Nope, we are NOT dead! From time to time, I read posts about the existance of our team and the simple answer is: Yes! And I brought you a small prove, so check the new screenshots!
So let's continue with some technical news: We decided to keep Bullet for the physics. On the other hand, we decided to drop our own development of a sound engine and switched to OgreAL, so that we can concentrate on the other parts. For instance, our editor got some improvements like mouse picking and plenty of bug fixes.
There is a something, that I am wondering about and I want to read your opinion: Are you interested in a modable Diccuric besides a source release? There are only a few things left to be added (e.g. support of multiple script sets, cute selection) as we are already able to hold and select between different datasets - mainly because I do not like to wait for huge datasets to load during development. So what do you think? Please post your opinion to our board!


Sun 31 May 2009

Finally, an update! Let's start with a new download, which contains all meshes from our Gothic mod. Feel free to use it for your own games and mods, but please be aware, that we permit non-commercial usage only.
Moreover, I have found some screenshots, so I finally put them online. We integrated a physics engine to Diccuric and we check, if we will keep Bullet or try another engine. Furthermore, we work on our sound system, integrate a saving system and write many shaders to improve graphics.
On Tuesday, 2. June 2009, the German radio station egoFM broadcasts a talk show about the development of computer games (in German). I will be one of the guests and represent the view of hobby developpers. So tune in!
Again, I updated our forum. If you have troubles using it, please write an e-mail.


Wed 7 Jan 2009

We, Ragnarok Entertainment, wish you a happy new year 2009! I am sorry, that we needed so much time to update our homepage... the worst thing is, that I already forgot some things, which I should report. So let me start with bad news: During the last 10 months, our real lifes developed different than we expected, so that we had much less time for Diccuric as everybody wishes... but we hope, that we will have more time again.
As you might guess from the new logos at the left side, we finally decided about Diccuric's license system. Shortly said: All binary files will be released under CCL-SA-NC license, source files will use GPL. Furthermore, Diced, our level editor, moved to Sourceforge, so interested developers can take a look and join development. For more details, please refer to the subpage of Diccuric.
Last year, we were again at the Dusmania. At this meeting, we participated at the overnight contest together with the developers of Iris2 and created a music game.
A while ago, our webpage moved to a new server, so if you encounter some problems please report them.
I know, that I forgot some things to report, but there is no use to wait until I can remember them - this would only delay this update. Regardless to our timeproblems, we developed of course some new things. So see some results at the Screenshots! I hope, that you will not have to wait for an update for such a long period of time! Feel free to ask us in our forum, we are still alive!


Mon 23 Feb 2008

Today, our team celebrates its 6th birthday. It is my honour to announce that Birthe and one of her fellow students are working on an intro movie for Diccuric within a studying project. You can get a first impression at the current screenshot of the week.


Fri 4 Jan 2008

Finally, I managed to update the English webpage, so that the content is on the same stage as the German page again and you should also see the same, new design. Okay, there were a lot of news over there, which I do not want to tranlate. Instead, I decided to bring you up-to-date right here. So for the changes in the team, I ask you to check the team pages. I will not tell you all the changes at our screenshots, just jump to that section and also the game downloads, where you will find some animation videos. After you have watched that material, you should return to this news text and read the informations.
Our graphical section has created some new created and started to create a new human mesh. Moreover, new parts of the world are developed and also some parts of the mod world are changed and to the new engine and also optimized. So please do not expect a world, that you know by heart - some parts will be new and others will have changed.
As I am already at the part, what changed, let me jump to the story. Currently, the story part of the mod is redone and it looks like there will be a lot of changes. So do not expect a story in Diccuric, with which you are completely fimiliar. But I cannot tell you more right now, otherwise our story writer will kill me... ;) The story of our Techdemo is finished besides some adjustments, that might be necessary after implementation. The German voice recording is also done, and the technic is developing fine. That leads me to the programming section.
Here, we develop our own scene manager for Ogre3D, as you might have read before. The scene manager itself is working fine, and we are currently adding the collision detection to it, which still needs some optimization. Our level editor got a lot of new features, it is possible to add lights, particle effects, objects (scripted and not scripted)... and it is possible to design nice places already. The keyboard controls of it are already freely settible, the mouse offers some nice possibilities for placing objects.
The game has now a dynamic change between day and night. The scripting engine is developing fine, so that we are already looking for some guys, who want to help out at the scripting parts. But please aware, that we communicate in German and that you should speak it fluent for now. Moreover, it is possible, to play some quests in our game and to explore the world. The fighting system is still very basic, but I think, that we will work on that aspect soon. The sound engine is also one of the parts, we are working on currently, so that we will be able to play music, voices and effects.
I think, that this is the most important stuff for now, please feel free to use our forum to write us about the new design (design by Birthe, technical realization and code by Markus), to ask questions or whatever you want. Feel free to write in English or German.


Mon 24 Dec 2007

Raganarok Entertainment wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! I appologize for all the delays in the updates to the English and Russian homepages. I try to update both as soon as possible and also to fix the design to the new one. If you cannot wait for the update, check the German page to see the current screenshots!


Wed 1 Nov 2006

Long time ago, I posted our last English news. Shame on me. Our game develops well, I just placed the latest screenshots onto our English homepage. Take a look, we start to have a game. The text is still German, we did not yet start to develop multilingual.
That is my next topic. Finally, there is a new English beta translation of Diccuric (for the current version 1.1e). I am very glad, that Ondo did such a good job and finished the translation. Please post bugs in our forum, so that we can fix them.
Finally, we opened an IRC chat channel at EUIrc: #ragnarok. We hope to see you there!


Wed 12 Apr 2006

Where should I start? I think, it is a good thing to start to tell you, that we released a new version of Diccuric, it is version 1.1e, which includes a small addon. Currently, you can get it only at our German page, because the English translation - which is finally in development again - is not finished yet. But our Polish translation team, leaded by Advocate, did a good job and finished their translation. You can find it at the downloads.
We are still working on Diccuric - The Game.


Sat 24 Dec 2005

We wish you a merry Christmas! Have a nice time.
The development of Diccuric is still going on, even if our homepage is so neglected...


Mon 19 Sep 2005

Long time has passed, since there was our last international news. First of all: We are NOT dead. There were just a lot of things to do. As you can see, we have got a new name: Ragnarok Entertainment.
I think, that you have noticed our new design of our homepage. Check out the screenshot section of Diccuric - The game! There are 5 of our new project. You want to listen to some music? A first track is avaiable.
We plan to extend our team to speed up development. Currently you should speak German - our whole documentation and team organisation is done in German. We need help for coding and 3D-Arts (model and animate characters and monster). Details at our job page. In our downloadsection, you can get the current snapshot of the English translation of our mod. The translation lacks of a maintainer and translators to finish up - so please contact me, if you are willing to help out. The English speaking fans counts on you!
I would be very glad, if a someone speaking English native could correct the translation of this page. I fear, that I did some mistakes with my English...
Of course, we are still working on Diccuric - The game. Please, do not worry, if we do not post any news for a while. Then you can expect, that we work intensive on the game. :)
Some guys left our extended team, we wish you good luck at your future paths.


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