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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: QUestions in English
BeitragVerfasst: Montag 7. April 2008, 04:18 

Registriert: Montag 7. April 2008, 03:04
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Hello I'm new to Diccuric I've played Gothic 1 and 2 and read about the mod so i decided to try. Well First .... It's Great , I was truly amazed when I saw it, though i must say I struggle with the german pretty much. So all in all I've read the previous posts and they were a lot of help because I don't get anything in the walkthrough cause it's german :shock: but anyway I managed to get pretty far in the game but I reached a kind of a Dead end so I have a question :

1. I entered the Grotto (new area has loading -> probably meant to be Minecrawer Nest, but anyway i cleared it and now I want to go back but the problem is the entrance is almost vertical and when you enter you immeadiately slide down , Ive tried going up with Bloodfly transformation I get at the top and transform back but I can't seem to manage to exit the area any help will be apreciated :)

2. I read somewhere that there is a merchant in the castle could you point me to how to open his stock (I'll find who he is eventually :), and that castle ....boy when I first read it was like a maze I was like "yeah right" but when I got there it took me 20 minutes just to get out of it .. :D)

3. I wanted to be a mage .... a realy big mistake from my part I roamed the entire map searching for amulets still to find only 4 or 5 and already reached lvl 20 + slaughtered countless numbers of woodlang creatures :twisted: and the magic career still seems pretty far, you should make it more easily accesible and earlier in the game cause why the hell would i need magic when i have slaughtered the entire map and pillaged , killed and stolen everything already. To Become a Mage you need to gather the amulets ->to gather the amulets you need to find them(pretty hard if you don't know where to search .... pretty hard if you do know where to search too :), hell I looked at the map in the walkthrough and I still can't find some of them... ) -> some amulets are guarded by strong creatures thereby meaning you are forced to have either bow or melee raised quite a bit meaning you have to spend time to level up those stats and skills forcing you to spend most of the game in development you don't enjoy ex: Melee , ranged. Second some other amulets are in locked chests which require lockpickin thereby again forcing you to spend more points on skills you may not desire, overal I find that to become a mage on diccuric is far to unrewarding and you'll definately end up not a mage but a multitalanted Jack-of-all-trades , now don't get me wrong the mode is wonderful, and you can say "ok, why don't you try to just jump the main quests fast" , what I'm giving you is my own opinion as a guy's first play of the mode, the way to become a mage is hidden, long and bothersome to be worth it (I wouldn't even have known what to do if I hadn't read the forums) , which is a real turn down to those like me who like to run around scorching stuff in the name of Innos :mrgreen: (If you still think Magic is far too strong to be easily accesible how about you just limit the Circle training times to different part of the quests ex: you get first when you start Taliasan's quest or if it's too soon when you finish it (Graveyarn's tasks - Taliasan's Help) or mabye at certain Levels of the character)

4. Also you probably should add a few extra lines in the mercenary's speech in the begining about the trainer in the fortress I forgot his name (Cor Angar Skin) cause the first time I saw him at night in the market squire and when I asked will he train me he said "Ok but not here" naturally I waited for the morning went and found him training in the tower talked to him again and he didn't offer training -> now later on I understood by reading posts in the forum that he trains only at noon but I was so panicked the first times that i had to start a new game 3 or 4 times cause I thought he got bugged and wouldn't offer me training anymore.(the Idea of offering Training in certain times only is cool but the lack of information makes it frightening to beginers) The same with Narrow when I made the rounds in the fortress I realized he should be the one teaching one handed but when I ask where he is the answer was "He's hunting" -> but where was not answered at all so I ended up runing around with unspent points a very long time

5.Running around the map I noticed that there are Faaaaaaaaaar too many plants growing around and with my unexcusable habit to pick everything up I ended up spending half my playing time picking up herbs from the ground (honestly I'm amazed my character didn't start complaining that his back hurts :D )

6. BTW I liked the new mage wardrobe selection but for the sake of hardcore magic fans would you consider offering the standart magic robes as well (I'm kind of attached to them :) ) If you have and I just haven't found them yet ignore this part.

7. As i read before I must agree It's a realy good Idea for merchants to refill Items for sale Like Arrows and Bolts, cause they just ain't enough if you're trying to be a hunter.

8. I read this somewhere too. There really should be more Armed enemies who carry decen't (not too strong) weapons and may be some food , coins and misc stuff, the way it is now if you can't gutt animals you're on your way to sure poorness. And by doing this you can probably decrease the number of plants (you probably use a spawn script for them right? the number should definately be decreased) more lab flasks would be nice too , yea i know they sell pots but homecooked's best you know :D

9. Also is there a "Dream Call" swamp stalk in the mod ? I found Green Novice and Northen Dark but I didn't see Dream Call

10. I read before someone asking "Can I report about the scout" who's found dead in the forest near the lake and the answer was it's possible and it has to do something with Taliasan , well I have everything from the scout in my inventory and I'm Doing Taliasan's tasks but I haven't gotten any intrest from anyone about the scout yet, does it require some special event and if yes could give a tip, not a spoiler.

Well this is it for now ....It got really long ....

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: QUestions in English
BeitragVerfasst: Donnerstag 17. April 2008, 21:53 

Registriert: Sonntag 25. Mai 2003, 21:40
Beiträge: 1471
Wohnort: München

sorry for that late reply, but I didn't have Internet access for a while. I hope, that it isn't too late. Did you try the English beta patch? There are also some other languages avaiable, just check our downloads on the English page.

1. There should be a second gate in the grotto, which leads you to a different location. So you should try to find the second entrence/exit.

2. You are looking for Nolwenn - he wants "Sumpfhaihäute", is it swamp shark skin in the English version?

3. We did not originally plan to integrate a mage career, our idea was, that the boy just starts to become a mage during this part of Diccuric and learns only a few elementary stuff. But we changed our mind, but we did not put becoming a mage into the foreground. So you are right, this part is not optimized in any kind - I can just promise, that we will concentrate on that aspect more intensive in the game.

4. We decided to create a world, that is harsher than Gothic, which was already quite harsh. Ardaric is very unpopular (guess why - okay, I tell you, he is the loved boy of Berengar), so nobody wants to help him. But you are right, we should lead beginners and we had this discussion already several times within the team.

5. The idea about the hurting back is cool, we should think to implement it... but you know, we did not want to limit the player to anything in our world, so plants and animals respawn.

6., 7. and 8. We stopped any work on the mods and concentrate on our own game. So there will be only new robes as we are not allowed to use any Gothic stuff anymore.

9. To be honest, I don't know it anymore...

10. You must cross the way of a guard - but you can skip this part and walk directly to Taliasan, you just miss some skill points.

I hope, that I could help you!

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: QUestions in English
BeitragVerfasst: Mittwoch 11. Oktober 2017, 16:30 

Registriert: Mittwoch 11. Oktober 2017, 15:54
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Hi there. I can't download your brilliant Diccuric meshes from the download mainpage(http://www.diccuric.org/edownedit.shtml). Can I have them for non-commercial use in the multiplayer?

upd. I've got an answer. Thank you for quick reply, Markus (=

Hope you'll fix the issue.

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: QUestions in English
BeitragVerfasst: Donnerstag 9. November 2017, 09:58 

Registriert: Donnerstag 22. Januar 2004, 01:02
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Hej Alexus

You can download the files from

https://diccuric.ragnarok.games/files/i ... Aczj0ZntKL

You have to accept the self-signed certificate for a successfully download. The download is good until Nov. 30th


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